Bad light conditions settings

watchitgolf bad light conditions settings
watchitgolf bad light conditions settings

Current exposure: refers to the information on how the camera detected the light environment. For optimal results, ensure that you are in a well-lit room, or consider improving the lighting conditions. Alternatively, you can adjust the exposure settings to accommodate low-light environments. Always check your video before reviewing any corrected numbers.

Speed adjustment: allows you to adjust the speed values, especially when you are using only the front camera and hitting the ball to the left or right (launch direction). The system measures the distance to the ball, and if the camera is not set to the correct distance automatically, we use LiDAR Scanner to ensure accuracy. It is important to check the settings before starting your main session to avoid inaccurate readings.

Current focus: should always be set to 0.7. The W PRO system sets this value automatically and adjusts the lenses accordingly.

Cancel: Close this settings menu

Known user issues:

WatchItGolf bad light conditions - avoid flares
WatchItGolf bad light conditions - avoid flares

Avoid backlight as it can cause issues with the quality of the recorded video captured by the cameras used in our application. Direct light shining into the lenses can result in poor video quality, making it difficult for our AI system to accurately detect objects.

To elaborate, backlights can cause what’s known as lens flare, which occurs when light enters the lens at an angle that causes it to scatter within the lens and create unwanted reflections and visual artifacts. This can result in a washed-out, hazy image that is difficult for the AI system to analyze and identify objects within the video feed.

To avoid this issue, it’s best to position the cameras in such a way that they are not directly facing a bright light source. Additionally, the use of lens hoods or other light-blocking accessories can help to reduce lens flare and improve the overall quality of the video feed captured by the cameras.