Develops a patentable Technology in Motion Theory with an AI-based service that can improve your movement in Real Time.

How we catch all the numbers?

What we calculate?

Face on camera numbers

Down The Line Camera numbers

Our Story

We designed our application to provide results from two distinct cameras. The front camera captures values that are visible from the front view and uses these to perform calculations. Meanwhile, the down-the-line camera captures values that are visible from the side and adjusts ball flight by implementing adjustments to launch direction and club path.

This unique feature allows users to receive a comprehensive analysis of their golf swing, as it takes into account both front and side views of the ball’s flight. The combination of these two cameras provides a more accurate representation of the ball’s trajectory, allowing for precise corrections to be made to improve the overall swing. This results in a better golf experience for the player, as they are able to identify and fix flaws in their swing more easily.

My Mission

Both phones connect automatically and present all values from both. If you connect the system to a tablet, it will synchronize and send all data to the tablet.

How does our application work. Let's see it with Patric and Nicklas.

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