Player Tour

1 Licence
$ 1.000 Installation fee*
  • 1 Account
  • Storage: unlimited
  • Front camera
  • DTL camera
  • Tablet Mode
  • Table Mode
$100 Mo.


1 Licence
$ 3.000 Installation fee*
  • 1 Account
  • Storage: unlimited
  • Front camera
  • DTL camera
  • Online Analysis
  • Drawing Tools
  • Studio Mode
  • Sessions management
  • Player connection mode
$100 Mo.

Important informations

Coaches and professional players must demonstrate their affiliation with authorized organizations to participate in professional golf leagues. For licensing inquiries, please contact a WatchitGolf representative for relevant information.

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Awesome launch monitor!

Basically, the front camera measures four values:

  1. Ball speed
  2. Club head speed
  3. Smash factor
  4. Launch angle


More accurate measurement of off-target strokes

The DTL camera fixes all bad strokes going left or right and provides corrections in ball speed values. It captures all the necessary information to analyze and improve your swing:

  1. Launch direction
  2. Club path
  3.  Swing plane (Shaft plane)
  4. Face angle
  5. Face to path