Anders Forsbrand becomes new co-owner of WatchitGolf

Anders Forsbrand

Former professional golfer Anders Forsbrand has joined the team at WatchitGolf, a Swedish-based golf technology company. Forsbrand, who has an extensive career in golf, including 10 professional victories, has now become a co-owner of the company.

WatchitGolf is a mobile application that offers golfers personalized swing analysis and coaching services from certified instructors. The app also provides users with access to a library of instructional videos and drills to help improve their game.

Forsbrand is excited to join the team at WatchitGolf and bring his expertise to the company. He believes that WatchitGolf has great potential in the golf industry and that the company’s mission aligns with his passion for helping golfers improve their game.

“I am thrilled to join the team at WatchitGolf,” said Forsbrand. “This company has a unique approach to helping golfers of all levels improve their game, and I am excited to be a part of it. With my years of experience in the sport, I am confident that I can contribute to the growth and success of this company.”

With Forsbrand’s addition to the team, WatchitGolf is poised to make significant strides in the golf industry. The company’s focus on personalized coaching and swing analysis, combined with Forsbrand’s expertise, is sure to be a winning combination for golfers looking to improve their game.