It all starts with a passion

We created the app of our dreams and at 1st of March we are going to publish it for you!

Working all time for the best performance and in every environment to get better. This application can help you reach your goals.

Revolutional Golf Application

WatchItGolf PRO and PROx. What is it?

The application collects data from two different cameras and shows all values in real time. If you connect all devices where you installed the application , you will be able to check all data on your iPad. And your coach has possibilities to check all data remotely and drop you some advice.

Application for your iPhone

WatchItGolf PRO

WatchItGolf PRO phone recording
WatchIt PRO both phones - cameras

WatchItGolf PRO is an app for all golfers. It is a Launch monitor with video. The Video together with all data from your stroke is automatically saved in the cloud. All strokes are in your personal space, and you can look at them for home analysis anytime.  It is a paid service available on App Store for all iPhones 12 or later.

WatchItGolf PRO phone screen results

Application for your tablet

WatchItGolf PROx

WatchItGolf PROx Application

WatchItGolf PROx is the extension for Teaching Professionals. It connects to WatchItGolf PRO, and has a range of tools for the Teaching Professional. Including Drawing tool, automatic angles on the body, frame by frame stepping, and the possibility to record a video lesson. The lesson can then be sent back to the student. The student pays for his lesson through his or her app, and you as a coach get your money through the app. 

PROx is not available on AppStore, but is ordered separately  from Watchit AB because we want only PGA Teaching professionals in PROx.

WatchItGolf PROx Coach with tablet
Train In The Comfort Of Your Home Or At A Driving range

your coach always with you

With easy setup, you’re using the app whenever you want. At a driving range or in your yard. You can improve your golf skills with WatchItGolf Pro and your iPhone. We provide the best coaches from all over the world. Improve your game whenever you want!

WatchitGolf Anders Forsbrand



We use our technology based on AI and mobile camera quality. Object detection is generating all points used for calculation in real time. Your numbers appear 2 seconds after each shot and are stored in our cloud.


You can use the app wherever you want. All you need is only a good quality tripod and your Iphone. You may also use other stands to provide a stationary position for your Iphone during your hit.

Motivation and support

We support you ! As long you are using the app you have access to our #slack community where the players are talking together about the game, discussing improvements and sharing best practices when using the application.

On-Going Education

Our coaches are always available, and you can send them your swing to receive the fastest analysis and best advice there is on the market today. If you decide to work with our specialists, you can make progress and quickly develop your game.

Two cameras and tablet enabled
WatchItGolf Pro Player + Tablet.

The new way to analyze your swing.

If you want more data and visual information, you can upgrade and build your own studio. Extend your license, and link two Iphones to your tablet. The phones work as a front or down the line camera (dtl). You only need to install the app on you phones and tablet. Easy, isn’t it?


or check those values after your sessions with your tablet

All your session data are stored in a secure cloud and you can check them wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and your tablet.

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